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Official reports indicate that Synthetica was built using Shibuya, a district in Tokyo, Japan, as its blueprint. In 2018, Shibuya was a bustling metropolis, its streets and buildings flooded with bright colors from the advertising screens promoting a wide variety of products and stores. Through a remarkable engineering achievement, the essence of Shibuya was captured and transplanted into a new realm, giving rise to Synthetica.


This world is the dream of the rotting corpse of a child who is still alive, an opaque and closed box, a macabre metaphor where the last breath of a cat is called "poison".



A new world, the last great metropolis and humanity's salvation. Ruled by "The Order", this world brims with technology and is composed of several sectors:


Saya's mind takes on a physical form, becoming an abstract space where the mysteries of the world of Somnium can be unraveled.


"For as long as we can remember, we've been confined within these walls. Only those with the marks of God can see what's beyond and complete their mission. That's why we're called 'the chosen.'"

Sector F is a unique and fascinating place that stands out from the rest of Synthetica, where nature and technology coexist. At its center, there is a large tree known as "Yggdrasil", surrounded by a bustling city that operates using gears and steam-powered machinery. Despite the contrast with the other sectors of Synthetica, Sector F emanates a sense of peace and tranquility.

It is believed that only a few individuals are chosen by a higher power. These individuals are marked with "The marks of God", distinctive marks on their skin that signify their status as the chosen ones. Interestingly, only they are allowed to venture beyond the walls and the dome of Sector F, tasked with fulfilling their mission.


The Sector N.E.D.E is a bustling metropolis that reflects the frenetic energy of Synthetica. Flying vehicles move quickly through the air, while the streets are filled with constant movement of people. The urban landscape is dominated by towering skyscrapers, whose facades are covered with holographic ads that that flash and flicker incessantly. A sector that seems to extend infinitely vertically, an expanding urban jungle that never sleeps.

At the heart of this sector stands a monumental building known as "The Order". This imposing structure towers over the urban landscape, its elegant and grandiose shape a testament to the power and influence of those who reside within. As the center of the sector N.E.D.E , it serves as the hub of commerce, industry, and politics.

"Amidst a broken world in dire need of salvation, we created the Order, and for centuries, we have thrived in peace. Let us raise our voices in unison and proclaim, Long live the Order!"


In Saya's mind, everything ends with a mysterious city, situated in the middle of an empty ocean. Its peculiar inhabitants are none other than children dressed in immaculate white clothes and with red flowers instead of faces. Interestingly, the streets of this city are filled with cats that wander freely.

As the inhabitants walk beneath the shadows of the city, their skin seems to become translucent, revealing the contours of their bones.


The entrance to Saya's mind is an ethereal realm where the laws of physics and gravity seem to have no influence. The ground is a crystalline mirror that reflects a world of ivory buildings that stretch endlessly in every direction, blurring the lines between up and down, sky and earth, reality and illusion.


Located in Kumamoto, Japan, it was a hospital that in 2007 introduced a measure known as the "Baby Post", which allowed mothers to abandon their childrens anonymously and legally. Although it was met with criticism. this system proved to be a lifesaver for many children who would have otherwise been abandoned in unsafe or life-threatening conditions.

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